Monday, April 17, 2017

Test Photos - Tamron 28mm f2.5 Adaptall-2

The Tamron 28mm f2.5 lens (model 02B) with the Adaptall-2 mount system is a lens I have owned since 1986. The lens was made in Saitama, Japan by the Tamron Co., LTD.

I purchased it at the time for my Yashica FX-70 35mm camera.  I finally decided to give it a try on my Samsung NX1 using a C/Y (Contax/Yashica) to NX adapter (see photo below)

Below are the some specifications I found at (click link for additional details on this specific lens:

I went out for a walk around the neighborhood about 1-1/2 hours before sunset. There were thin clouds obscuring the sun at times, but it poked-through for some of these photographs.

All the photographs shown here were "as-taken" JPEG's. There was no post editing with the exception of resizing from the large 23.4 megapixel APS-C sensor resolution.  All photographs were handheld and no filters were used, except where noted below the photo with the settings.

Note: I did not record the aperture settings, but I stayed within a range of f5.6 to f11 for this series

1/80 sec   /   ISO100   / EV 0

1/125 sec / ISO100 / EV 0

1/125sec / ISO100 / EV 0

 1/125sec / ISO100 / EV 0

 1/125sec  / ISO100 / EV 0

 1/125sec   /   ISO100   / EV 0 

 1/125sec  / ISO100 / EV 0

 1/125sec  / ISO100 / EV 0

 1/125sec  / ISO100 / EV 0

 1/125sec / ISO100  / EV 0

1/125sec / ISO100 / EV 0

  f/5.6   /  1/160sec / ISO100 / EV 0 / 0.9 ND Filter

 f/11   /  1/160sec   /   ISO100   / EV 0

F5.6 + half-stop / 1/50sec / 0EV / ISO100 / 0.9 ND Filter

Note: It was interesting to find out that this lens had a minimum aperture setting of f32.  I want to go back out in full sun and photograph this essentially "pin-hole" setting.  I will post these photographs when available.

Additional information links:


  1. Thanks Jorge. I started this blog as a good way for me to keep track of all these vintage lenses I've been accumulating. It's not a scientific analysis or anything, just the basic specs, links for more info and some photos of how the lens looks in case I have a use for one of them...Thanks for checking out the blog. I should be posting a few more lenses this week, if your interested. Bart