Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tokina RMCII 28-70mm f4

Picked-up this Tokina RMCII 28-70mm f4 in a thrift store for $10.  This lens was a Canon mount so I purchased a Fotodiox FD-to-NX adapter for about $23.  No problems mounting to the NX1.

The lens is in great shape.  No scratches damage or fungus.  There's an aperture ring f4-f22 closest to the mount: A 28-70mm zoom ring forward of the aperture adjustment. And the focus ring furthest front. 

Here are some initial photographs with the Tokina 28-70mm.  Sorry, I did not write-down the aperture settings for these photos.   This is a beautiful lens - love the color depth and sharpness.