Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rokinon 85mm in Tough Light

This photograph was shot with a Samsung NX1 and a Rokinon 85mm Lens (no filter). I used a tripod. The NX1 handled this shot well since the subjects were in shadow under a ramada.  Bright sunlight was present in the background. No adjustments were made to this photograph in post.

Specs:  f/5.6    1/500sec   ISO100    EV -0.3

Monday, October 3, 2016

First Impressions: Soligor C/D 80-200mm MC MARCO Lens

The Soligor f/4 C/D 80-200mm MC MACRO, is an 80's-vintage SLR  lens - mounted on a Samsung NX1.  Apparently, the C/D means computer designed and it is believed Tokina may be the manufacturer of this Soligor lens.  What I look for from the lens is what 'texture' results from its optics and glass.  The camera/lens setup is an impressive amalgam of an analog-era SLR lens joined with the latest digital camera technology embodied in the NX1 (below).


 This all came about when my wife came home from a thrift store with a worn camera bag that contained an 80's-vintage Olympus OM10 SLR and three SLR lenses. For about $50 at the thrift store, it was a quality find.  An Olympus OM-mount to NX-mount adapter was purchased to install on the Samsung NX1. 

 Below are some specs on the camera I pulled from the Internet.  If I come across any other insights, I'll update.

Just to note that a 'circular-polaring filter was added to the lens for all the photographs shown here.  The lens was 'manually'-adjusted during use and I didn't use a tripod. However, for the landscape shots I steadied the camera on top of a fence post.

This first photo is a portion of the Cerro Colorado Mountains just North of Arivaca, Arizona.  I made some basic adjustment with the image's brightness, contrast and gamma, bring-out the features in the photograph.

         Lens set at 130mm   f/11  1/125sec ISO100  EV -0.3 

The second photo below showing Baboquivari Peak was adjusted later in Photoshop Elements.  I like the resulting texture in that shot.

         Lens set at 130mm   f/11  1/125sec ISO100  EV -0.3 

The following shots in the historic town-site of Arivaca, Arizona are just hand-held 'street shots'.

(Below) Main Street Arivaca looking West, South-West with the Soligor at about 90mm.  This is my favorite shot from the shoot.  I can see using this lens in certain situations when shooting digital film. 

Additional settings below. Manual focus with the NX1 camera in the "Center Weighted Average" mode.  

 f/5.6  1/125sec  ISO100  EV -0.3 step

Below: People Assemble at Virginia's Taco Stand.  I took this hand held shot quick.  In hindsight, I should have thought more about setting the focus.

f/5.6  1/125sec  ISO100  EV -0.3 step

 The lens was adjusted to 90mm for this photograph.  I was interested in seeing detail and handling the white plaster walls in the sun.

                   f/11  1/125sec  ISO100  EV -0.3 step

Overall, it was a rewarding walk-around today with the Soligor f/4 C/D 80-200mm MC MACRO on my Samsung NX1.  These are just my initial photographs and more to come.