Monday, December 26, 2016

First Photographs - Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f1.7

I adapted this Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f1.7 lens to my Samsung NX1 using a Fotosay KR-NX adapter,  I picked this lens up at a local pawn shop for around $20.  This mid-1970's SLR lens has a pretty good rap out there - I posted some links below for further exploration.

I find that AllPhotoLenses online provides a nice concise summary of these vintage lenses.

Below are some photos I took around the downtown neighborhoods of Phoenix, Arizona using the Samsung NX1 with the the Konica 50mm.

Note: This 50mm lens is 75mm on the Samsung NX1 based on the APS-C Sensor's crop factor for attached full frame lenses.

All photographs handheld.  No filters were used and the photographs as shown 'as-shop' (no post-editing). Applied JPEG compression for web display.

Outdoor shots here were in the late winter afternoon sun.

 f5.6  /  1/320  /  -0.3EV  /  ISO100

 f11  /  1/320  /  -0.3EV  /  ISO100

  f1.7  /  1/320  /  -0.3EV  /  ISO100

Note the extensive fine-grain Bokeh in the image with the lens fully opened to f1.7  Not the sharpest shot because the cat was moving while I was manually focusing the lens.

  f8  /  1/320  /  -0.3EV  /  ISO100

I like the authentic color and sharpness of this photograph.

f5.6  /  1/320  /  -0.3EV  /  ISO100

f5.6 /  1/320  /  -0.3EV  /  ISO100

f5.6  /  1/60  /  0 EV  /  ISO100

I was curious to see how this lens would capture holiday lights - nice.

f5.6  /  1/60  /  0 EV  /  ISO1600

Amazing ISO1600 image composition