Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mamiya/Sekor 50mm f2 lens

Test Photographs with the Mamiya/Sekor 50mm f2 Lens

Additional information and discussion will be posted soon 

Subject lens referenced in this post

Note: I have both the 50mm F2 mount type lenses: The M42-screw & bayonet mount types. 

[Mamiya/Sekor 50mm Lens]    f/11   1/160s   -0.3EV  ISO100

 [Mamiya/Sekor 50mm Lens]  f/8_1/160s   -0.3EV  ISO100

 [Mamiya/Sekor 50mm Lens] f/2  1/160s  -0.3EV  ISO100

 [Mamiya/Sekor 50mm Lens] f/8   1/250s  -0.3EV  ISO100

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