Sunday, April 9, 2017

Test Photos...SMC PENTAX-M f1:2 50mm ASAHI OPTICAL CO

The SMC PENTAX-M 50mm f2 ASAHI OPTICAL CO (Pentax) is a prime lens made in Japan sometime in the late 70's to early 80's. I found this lens in a used record store display of vintage electronic equipment for $10.  A nice find.  The glass is free of damage and mechanically defects.

I added an inexpensive Pentax-to-NX mount adapter and set the Samsung NX1 camera mode to "manual" in order to take photographs.  The photo below shows the subject lens attached to the NX1.

Some basic data-information on this lens is provided below and was sourced from the AllPhotoLenses website. Here's the link:

The following photographs were taken as initial test images to check on the working condition of the lens and if there are any visual defects.  The images below are shown "as-photographed" without editing, adjustments or effects with the exception of a size reduction down from the 23.4MP internal capture.  Camera settings are listed below each photographs along with any comments.

                 1/400sec / ISO100 / -0.3EV / f2.8

                                     1/400sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f2.8 

                1/400sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f2.8

               1/400sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f5.6

               1/400sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f5.6

             1/400sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f5.6

              1/500sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f4

               1/500sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f5.6

               1/4000sec  /  ISO100  /  -0.3EV  / f2.8

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