Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Russian INDUSTAR-50 First Photographs

So I decided to plunge into the genre of vintage Russian lenses from the 'Soviet' era.  I was curious about the optical properties.  In this post is featured a INDUSTAR-50mm,  f3.5-f16 SN6885394

A tiny lens that is awkward to operate.  The aperture ring is at the front of the camera and provides resistance when trying to adjust.  The aperture ring is attached to the focus ring, so you have to hold the focus ring firm while adjusting the aperture, then adjust the focus.  Appropriately, but strangely, when you adjust the focus ring, the aperture ring also rotates but does not change its setting.  But the opposite is not true when changing the aperture.  You'll have to refocus with any aperture adjust.

The first photograph came out beautiful. Here are the camera and lens setting for the picture:

ISO6400  /  0EV  /  f3.5  / 1/180-sec