Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Quick Test Photographs with Canon FD 400mm 1:4.5 S.S.C.

I used a FotoDiox FD-to-NX adapter to fit this monster Canon FD 400mm 1:4.5 S.S.C. lens on my NX1.  I was combing through vintage lenses at a pawn shop in Tucson, Arizona and was just about to walk-out after not finding anything of interest.  The guy behind the counter said: "Hey, did you see this one".  He reached behind a pile of old cameras and pulled-out this lens.  It looked in excellent shape for a 1975 lens, so then I looked at the price -$30!!  Are you kidding me?!  

I now call this my M.O.A.L. (Mother of All Lenses) 

 This wider angle photo shows the points of interest for the two photographs below

 Photo of high-rise at 400mm

Crop showing decent-sharp detail

Church tower at 400mm 

Here's a few links to read further about this lens and photographer's comments: