Sunday, September 2, 2018

Testing a Tokina 28-70mm

Nikon-mount RMC Tokina 28-70mm f4 lens (SN 8444718) adapted to the NX1.   Took it out for a few photographs today.  The adjustment ring closest to the camera (not the aperture ring), sets the focal length (28mm-70mm).  The wider ring toward the from of the lens is for focusing.  

Note: I noticed when taking long distance photographs, I had to back-off infinity to achieve focus.

This is a good sharp lens for it's age. 

Townsite of Arivaca, Arizona near the international border with Mexico.

70mm       f11      1/200sec       ISO100       0.0EV
 28mm    f4    1/1000sec     ISO100      -0.3EV
28mm     f8       1/1000sec    ISO100      -0.3EV
50mm   f11   1/640sec  _ISO200   -.3EV

28mm    f8   1/640sec    ISO200   -0.3EV

50mm   f11   1/800sec   ISO200    -0.6EV

50mm   f5.6     1/800sec    ISO200    -0.6EV

 35mm     f8    1/640sec    ISO200    -0.3EV