Saturday, June 18, 2016

Road Trip - Chaco

f/4.5  1/500sec  ISO-800  exp 0  focal 16mm

This photo was taken at Chaco Culture National Park in NW New Mexico. I selected this particular photo to point out that the shadow on the west wall (left) has excellent contrast (not too dark) and the overall image is has the light properly exposed. 

f7.1  1/30  ISO-100  exp +2.3  focal 16mm

This photograph was taken later in the day, so the camera setting were adjusted to allow more light exposure (see camera settings below each photo).  This photo has a pleasing effect in the sense that when viewed full screen gives one the sense of being present.

Lens Adaptation

One of the exciting possibilities with interchangeable lens cameras is the adaptation of other manufacturer's lenses onto your camera. 

This photo shows my Samsung NX1 with a vintage (1986) Yashica 50mm f1.9 lens installed.  In order to mount this particular lens to the camera, I purchased on Amazon ($21), a Pixco Lens Adapter (Contax/Yashica Lens to NX1 Mount).  I had no issues with mounting to the camera body being to tight; or, the lens being too loose on the adapter.

The caveat to using 3rd-party lenses is that they don't communicate electronically with the camera. This means no auto-focus and exposure.  Therefore, you need to set the top-dial of the camera to "M" (manual) and set the focus to manual "MF" in the menu options. Then your ready to shoot, but totally manual. 

See several photos in this blog where I noted the use of this Yashica 50mm lens.

Hummingbird Photo Bomb

50mm Yashica Lens  1/30sec  ISO-100  exp -2

I was just about 14-inches from this flower and as I took the shot a Hummingbird flew in!  Since I had manually set the exposure and shutter speed at only 1/30 sec, the camera was not prepared to capture the incredible speed of the bird and its wings. But overall for the unexpected, the photograph is stunning. 

50mm Lens with Circular Polarizer

50mm Yashica Lens f/? 1/30sec  ISO-100 exp -1.6

This photo was taken in late afternoon sun, using the Yashica 50mm Lens (manual mode), with a B&W Circular Polarizer.  

3rd Party Lens Indoor Test Shot

Yashica 50mm Lens - f/?  1/30sec  ISO-100  exp -3.6 step

This was the first photograph I took with my 1986-vintage Yashica mounted 50mm lens (f1.9) - no flash.  Slightly dark, but nice Bokeh on this one!

Lighted Object

f/4.5  1/50sec ISO-400  focal 27mm  exp 0

In this photo I wanted to see how the camera handles lighted subjects. I am impressed with how the camera's sensor exposed the light.  In this case, no obvious 'blow-out' on the lamp shade. Actually the graduation of shading as you move down the lamp shade is really visually appealing. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Human Face

Auto Mode   f/4   1/160sec  ISO-125  exp 0   focal 50mm

This is the first photo I took outdoors using the stock Samsung 16-50mm lens that was bundled with the camera.  Very sharp. Nice background Bokeh.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

First Shot - Cityscape

f5  1/250  ISO-100  50mm (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

This was the first photograph I took with the Samsung NX1, which I purchased this past May (2016). This is a high-rise shot, taken thru a slider, balcony and out to the cityscape beyond.  

After opening the box and updating the firmware (to v1.41), I attached the Samsung's stock 16-50mm lens; switched the camera and lens settings to 'auto', then took this photograph.   

Looking at the photograph, I'm drawn to the defined dark foreground in contrast to the soft texture and brightness of the city.  This image creates a relaxing feeling for me.  A good start!