Monday, December 25, 2017

Promaster 200mm f3.3 - Test Photographs

I found this Promaster 200mm f3.3 prime lens at a pawn shop for $10  (300mm equivalent on the NX1). I was curious about a fast f3.3 lens at 200mm.  Usually that focal length in vintage lenses you see f4 or greater. 

This ProMaster has a built-in lens hood that slides forward, and a large focus ring surface at mid-barrel.  F-stops go from f3.3 to f16.  This particular lens had a Konica mount, adapted to the NX1.

The following photographs were taken downtown  Phoenix, Arizona hand-held, manual-mode and manual focus.  All photographs are 'as-taken' except where indicated.  Light: late afternoon just before sunset.

               f16  / 1/60-sec  /  ISO-100  /  EV -0.3

               f16  / 1/60-sec  /  ISO-100  /  EV -0.3 
                (reduced brightness & added contrast)
Note appearance of some lens fungus at top-quarter of photograph. Not noticeable in other images.

f11  / 1/60-sec  /  ISO-100  /  EV -0.3
                   (reduced brightness in post) 

                f3.3 / 1/60-sec  /  ISO-100  /  EV 0   

(with lens wide open it was difficult to get the subjects in focus.
Focus-peaking on the NX1 didn't show any 'in-focus' points - so subjects are soft. Notice bokeh which provides a 'painterly-effect' in the background.)

                f5.6 / 1/125-sec  /  ISO-100  /  EV 0

                 f5.6  / 1/40-sec  /  ISO-100  /  EV 0
              (manipulated brightness & contrast in post)

                 f5.6  / 1/40-sec  /  ISO-100  /  EV 0  
(street cat appeared - tried to get focus right, but difficult
 with moving subject; so I applied heavy contrast in post in 
 attempt to salvage the photograph by accentuating both subject
 and background)

                f5.6  / 1/40-sec  /  ISO-400  /  EV +0.3
               (manipulated brightness & contrast in post)

f11  / 1/40-sec  /  ISO-200  /  EV +0.3

First Impressions:  I need a few more outings with the Promaster 200mm f3.3 lens to get a better sense of whether it will be a keeper or not. I seemed to need extra time focusing at times even with the NX1's 'focus-peaking' capability.  The one image I took at f3.3 came out soft.   However some of the images at f5.6 or above look nice and sharp.

Lens Manufacturing Info:  This lens is strikingly similar to a Hanimex label, this 200mm f/3.3 lens.  The manufacturer, date and other 'branding' information is sparse.  There is a discussion on the Internet at here:

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