Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Strangely Out Of Focus

Phoenix, Arizona 
At sunset, a dust storm emerges from the south along the horizon.

NX1  1/13 sec /  ISO 100  / EV +0.3 / 24-bit / Lens: Tokina 28mm - manual

I wanted to test my 80's-vintage Tokina 28-70mm lens that I picked up (as discussed in this blog).  A dust storm was rolling in tonight and I wanted to see what the lens would capture.   What struck me about this photo was that the lens seemed extremely soft and slightly out-of-focus.  In a way, I like 'painterly' feel of the image; and the deep muted earth colors matching both the environment and the city's building colors.

I had to shoot manually, since I adapted this lens to the Samsung NX1. I also need to perform additional focusing tests, to see if I have to compensate for the mount adapter and dial-in the focus.

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