Thursday, July 7, 2016

Only The Dead Become Famous

The good news is I will soon have a collector's item...



  1. The same happened. I was drawn to the NX1 by it's fresh new approach to upset the establishment. Never been one for herds and the NX1 seems to tick all the boxes as a proper travel camera. Been using it for over a year and it helped tremendously to up my photography. It's a damn shame Samsung pulled the plug.

  2. Hi pikipiki: Thanks for commenting. I'm hoping to up-my-photography also. This is my first real 'pro' digital camera with the exception of digital-video cameras for my film projects. I'm a better editor than photographer. I want to learn more about how to shoot better 'manually'.

    With regards to Samsung 'pulling the plug' I posted a comment at the end of the article. Here's a portion of those comments related to Samsung:

    "The article speculates on why Samsung probably is exiting this particular market. I've worked with large multi-national companies and I can tell you CEO's are stone-cold business-people and make decisions based on "the numbers" and the strategic direction of the company.

    For camera enthusiasts that like to build a community around a fav camera model, these 'business' decisions are sad indeed. However, my philosophy is if the camera is in your hand, use it and enjoy. In the old days of analog (film) SLR's, new camera models were released many years apart.

    Even is Samsung stays in the business, the NX1 would soon be obsolete due to the advancement of technology anyway. And I doubt I would fork-out another $1,500-$2,000 for a theoretical NX2, or any camera model for that matter in the near future after finding the NX1.

    Now, with the camera disappearing from the shelves, I will look at the NX1 as a collector's item."

    1. Hard for me to enjoy it when all the accessories are disappearing from the market. Not to mention as a photographer i don't want to invest in more glass anyway that i can never use again on another body. It's a sad time for samsung users. Nobody will buy them either so i have to just save up for new a new body and lenses.