Thursday, January 16, 2020

PROSPEC 28-200mm ZOOM f3.8-5.6 Test Photographs

This len a PROSPEC 28-200mm MC AUTO ZOOM  f3.8-5.6. It has a Nikon mount adapted to the Samsung NX1.  The focal range adjustment given the the NX1's APS-C sensor crop make this lens a 42-300mm equivalent.

The photos below are initial photographs for the purposes of examining the lens for its mechanical and optical properties. 

The photos in this set have not been altered and were shot handheld.

There is very little about PROSPEC lenses on the Internet, but I haven't researched too deeply yet.

125mm  f8  1/125s  -0.3EV  ISO100 

FL 90mm  f3.5  1/250s  -0.3EV  ISO100 

FL 50mm  f11  1/250s  -0.3EV  ISO200 

FL 50mm  f11  1/250s  -0.3EV  ISO200 

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  1. Very nice photos! I just got an 'Ultranar' 28-200mm f3.8-5.6 lens which appears to be identical in every way to this lens, except the brand name. The serial number of mine is similar too --- 8670001, which indicates it may even be the same series/manufacturer! I too have found my lens to be sharp and an excellent performer. I did a write up on it with some samples over at dpreview: