Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tele-Astranar 400mm f6.3 Lens Test

Found this Tele-Astranar 400mm f6.3 lens in a thrift store for $15.  The thread mount looked like a M42, and although the diameter was about right, the threads on the Astranar looked dense (finer) than the M42 mount adapter I have for my NX1.   

Then after doing some research I found that threads where for a T-mount (or T2-mount) so I ordered T2-to-NX adapter online.

The Astranar is a 'preset' lens meaning There is a second ring which lets you control where the other aperture ring stops (the one that actually closes the aperture down). So if you recompose an image you can quickly turn the aperture all the way open so the viewfinder is bright, then stop back down to your shooting stop without taking your eye away from the viewfinder (below).

Below are test photographs. All images are at f-stop 6.3 (open).  All images below are 'as-photographed'

 f 6.3  /  1/500s  /  ISO100  /  EV 0.3 

f 6.3  /  1/500s  /  ISO100  /  EV -0.3 

f 6.3  /  1/200s  /  ISO100  /  EV 0.0 

Close-up showing resolution

 f 6.3  /  1/125s  /  ISO100  /  EV 0.0

f 6.3  /  1/125s  /  ISO100  /  EV 0.0 

f 6.3  /  1/125s  /  ISO100  /  EV 0.0

Overall I really like this lens even though the it is not that sharp and lacks in contrast and color saturation.  However, the photo above shows this lens has some inherent artistic potential.

I will have to try next taking some RAW format photographs and try to improve in some of the lens's shortcomings in post. 

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