Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vivitar SMS 28mm f1:2.8 MC

Yet another pawn shop purchase for around $30 was a Vivitar SMS 28mm f1:2.8 MC lens with a Minolta mount.  The filter diameter of 49mm is compatible with my collection of ND, circular-polarizers and UV filters of that size.  I picked-up a Fotasy MD-to-NX adapter for mounting to my NX1.

I was stunned by the first several photographs with the Vivitar 28mm.  Two are shown below.  The shot directly below was taken just as the sun dipped beneath the mountains here in Arivaca, Arizona 

This is a photo of 'Sundog' in his garden. Click on any image to enlarge.

                                                          f8    1/60sec   -0.3EV   ISO100

The second photo below shows good skin tone on Sundog's face with a nice contrast of the white shirt and compared to the lush green background, darkening with the setting sun.

1/250sec   0EV   ISO100   f5-6

Another shot just after sunset. I forgot to note the aperture setting on this one.

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