Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Monsoon Landscapes with a Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Lens

I was planning to shoot a scene for a film project I was working on in Arivaca, Arizona, but when the vintage 1960 Ford F100 panel truck that was going to be used for the scene sprung a fuel leak, the shoot had to be cancelled.

I salvaged the late afternoon/sunset by heading to the outskirts of Arivaca, south toward the Mexican border.   Out of nowhere summer monsoon storms began developing cells.  

It was the opportunity I was looking for to take my first photographs with the  Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Lens 

Note: As-photographed 23.6M JPEGs.  No photos in this post were adjusted/edited in post.

f4  /  1/60sec  /  +0.3 EV  /  ISO-100

Above: Localized rain falls in the near distance on the foothills of the Coronado National Forest (Nogales District)

f?  /  1/125sec  /  +0.3 EV  /  ISO-100

Above: Looking North from the Ruby Road toward the town of Arivaca receiving the rain. The Cerro Colorado Mountains can be seen in the distance on the right at the horizon.

f?   /  1/30sec   /  EV +0.3 / ISO-100

Below: Along the Arivaca Road, looking West.  Baboquivari Peak can be seen in the far distance (photo taken the next day).

f?  /  1/25sec   /  EV 0.0  /  ISO-100

f?  /  1/30sec  / -0.0EV  /  ISO100

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