Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lens Adaptation

One of the exciting possibilities with interchangeable lens cameras is the adaptation of other manufacturer's lenses onto your camera. 

This photo shows my Samsung NX1 with a vintage (1986) Yashica 50mm f1.9 lens installed.  In order to mount this particular lens to the camera, I purchased on Amazon ($21), a Pixco Lens Adapter (Contax/Yashica Lens to NX1 Mount).  I had no issues with mounting to the camera body being to tight; or, the lens being too loose on the adapter.

The caveat to using 3rd-party lenses is that they don't communicate electronically with the camera. This means no auto-focus and exposure.  Therefore, you need to set the top-dial of the camera to "M" (manual) and set the focus to manual "MF" in the menu options. Then your ready to shoot, but totally manual. 

See several photos in this blog where I noted the use of this Yashica 50mm lens.

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